Patient information leaflets

Angiogram leaflet

Patient discharge information booklet

Patient and visitor information leaflet

Advice for people with Multiple Sclerosis and bladder symptoms

Advice for people with Multiple Sclerosis and constipation

Ambulatory EEG monitoring in patient information leaflet

Ambulatory EEG monitoring out patient information leaflet

Anaesthesia Theatres and Intensive Care patient information booklet

Audiometry (hearing test) patient information

Balance exercises (short version)

Balance sxercises

Balloon compression of Trigeminal Ganglion

Benefits and financial advice for brain spinal tumour patients

Botulinum toxin for Chronic Migraine

Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potential

Cervical Spine Collar (neck brace)

Chest care in Motor Neurone Disease

Chiari Malformation patient information

Chronic Migraine patient information sheet

Clinical Nurse Specialist Team - brain and spinal tumours

Clostridium Difficile information leaflet

Cluster Headache and other headache disorders information

Cluster Headache patient information sheet

C T Scanner - patient information leaflet

Depth Electrode Video Telemetry patient information leaflet

Discharge information - a guide for patients with a brain tumour

Dopamine agonist drugs in Parkinson's disease patient information leaflet

Dysphagia patient information leaflet 

Eating well during your hospital dtay: a guide

EEG (Electroencephalography) patient information leaflet

Elective Coil occlusion of brain aneurysm patient information

Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase

Facet Joint Injection - Pain leaflet

Flunarizine information leaflet

Functional Electrical Stimulation fact sheet

Halo Jacket System

Horsley ITU and HDU Dignity leaflet

Hydrocephalus-lumbar drain

Infection prevention and control advice for patients

Infection control guidelines for visitors

Information Governance - your information - what you need to know

Information for patients undergoing Angiogram procedure

Information for people living with MND - North Wales

Information for people living with MND - West Lancashire

Information for people living with MND - Wirral

Information for relatives about Tracheostomy

Intranasal Lidocaine in Cluster Headache patient information sheet

Intravenous immunoglobulin in neurological disorders patient information leaflet

Intravenous steriod treatment for patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Jefferson Day Unit patient information leaflet

Lumbar drain insertion

Magnetic Resonance Scanner 

Making a complaint - Patient Experience Team

Mitoxantone information sheet

Monitoring surgical wounds for infection information for patients

Motor Neurone Disease Nurse Specialist Service

Motor Neurone Disease and palliative care

MR patient information

MRSA information for patients

MSLT and MWT test

MS Specialist Nurse service 

Multiple Sclerosis Specialist Nurse Service

Multiple Sclerocis-Mitoxantone information leaflet

Multiple Sclerocis-Mitoxantone after-treatment patient information leaflet

Multidisciplinary Clinic for Motor Neurone Disease

Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS) and Electromyography (EMG) information leaflet

Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS) patient information leaflet

Neurology medicines on discharge patient information leaflet

Neuropsychology and Motor Neurone Disease

Neurosurgery medicines on discharge patient information leaflet

Neuroradiology-Magnetic Resonance Scanner

Nocturnal PSG

Norovirus Information for health and social care staff

Occupational Therapy and Motor Neurone Disease

Patient information following treatment with Mitoxantone

Pelvic floor exercises for people with Multiple Sclerosis

Physiotherapy and Motor Neurone Disease

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy inpatient leaflet

Pramipexole dosing schedule patient information leaflet

Rehab Network positionining charts

Riluzole information and management

Sacroiliac - joint block pain leaflet

Skull Base - Clinical Nurse Specialist Team

Sleep deprived EEG

Somatosens evoked potential

Sources of support and information 

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