Research papers produced since 1 January 2012

Pain research

Research into Pain Medicine at The Walton Centre is very active.

Our major areas of interest are nerve pain, pain due to inflammation, spinal pain and facial pain.

Most research is carried out in collaboration with the Liverpool Pain Research Institute and the University of Liverpool.

The group led by Professor Turo Nurmikko, Professor of Pain Science, uses new brain imaging methods to measure changes in the brain that occur in chronic pain patients, transcranial magnetic stimulation. They are also investigating the effect of stimulating the brain on different types of pain.

The group led by the Senior Lecturer, Dr Andreas Goebel, investigates the role of autoimmunity and inflammation in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and other chronic pain conditions. Current research projects investigate the causes of CRPS, and examine new treatment methods, or methods of prevention. The group is one of the world leaders into CRPS research, and is leading in the development of the understanding of the role which autoimmunity plays in this condition. The National Institute for Health Research has awarded a prestigious EME award to Dr Goebel to conduct a study testing the efficacy of immunoglobulins in CRPS.

Other clinical trials are conducted evaluating new pain treatments including new drugs. Other areas of research include the effect of chronic pain on mood and quality of life.


Lead Research Doctors

Professor Turo Nurmikko, Professor of Pain Science

Dr Andreas Goebel, Senior Lecturer