Pain Management Programme (PMP)

The first Pain Management Programme (PMP) in the UK was developed at The Walton Centre in 1983. Since then we have continued to develop our service and remain at the forefront of pain management treatment.Dad playing with kids        

The programmes we offer are group based rehabilitation treatments that enable an understanding of chronic pain and its wider impact on life.

We offer support and guidance to help people with chronic pain manage pain more effectively, and in doing so, help improve their overall quality of life.

The Walton Centre offers a variety of pain management programmes tailored to individual needs. We run a 5 day and a 16 day programme along with specialised programmes for chronic pelvic pain, facial pain and young adults with chronic pain conditions. We also have several options to help people with pain management advice who may be unable to attend a group programme. The Walton Centre also offers a Specialist Fibromyalgia / Chronic Widespread Pain assessment service, that links with Rheumatology as well as Specialist Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis Clinics, run together with Gynecology services. The Walton Centre also runs a Pain Transition Service, together with Alder Hey Hospital’s Pain and Rheumatology Services, to help support our younger patients who are moving into adult care and ensure they have access and information about the support options available.  

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This booklet may be most appropriate for 7 to 11 year olds although its clear and simple language may also make it accessible for others. Young people may have questions or even some anxieties about a loved one who is living with chronic pain. We hope this booklet helps adults living with chronic pain discuss their condition and its management with the young people in their lives.  We hope it helps to extend the benefits of attending a Pain Management Programme although the information may help some people living with chronic pain who have not attended a pain management service. Click here to download.

This booklet aims to help young people with chronic pain conditions, and their families, who are preparing to move/transition into adult services.  The aim of understanding and planning for this transition is to help make sure this process is as smooth as possible.  This booklet looks at what this transition between services may look like, what this could mean for you and gives some ideas around planning for this.  It outlines some of the similarities and differences between child and adult services and what types of support are available in adult services and how this could help.  It also provides some advice and information for parents who are also going through these changes.  We hope that you find this information helpful and click here to download.