The Walton Centre offers the most comprehensive neuroradiology service in the UK.


Our vision is to provide the best Neuroradiology service in the country. We will do this by providing a service which is state of the art, high quality, timely, efficient and responsive to clinical need.


We have five MRI scanners, enabling us to see more patients and undertake highly complex procedures. This includes a state of the art intraoperative scanner donated to the trust by the Marina Dalglish appeal. Intraoperative MRI enables surgeons to scan patients during surgery and significantly reduce the need for further operations following the removal of brain tumours. The department is one of the leading centres nationally in advanced tumour imaging and functional MRI. Highly skilled staff ensure advanced scanning techniques are performed to an extremely high standard.

We have one of the worlds most advanced dynamic volume CT scanners, capable of performing 4D CT angiography and perfusion studies.

The department is home to one of the largest Neurointervention centres in UK. This includes two highly specialised bi-plane angiography suites. The Interventional Neuroradiology team have been instrumental in developing the new regional stroke service providing mechanical thrombectomy as the latest treatment in acute stroke. The centre is also one of the largest in brain aneurysm and arteriovenous malformation treatment.

The Walton Centre is also home to a multipurpose single plane fluoroscopy suite. The Ultimax-i can be used for a range of X-rays but is generally used for fluoroscopy of lumbar punctures, myelography and video swallow procedures.

We are proud to have had the World’s first Twin robotic X-ray Scanner installed in January 2020. The Multitom RAX system allows lower radiation dose and a high degree of imaging precision.

As a Trust dedicated to neurosciences, staff are specialised Neuroradiographers and Neuroradiologists.

The Trust is involved in many international research studies and is at the forefront of pioneering new techniques.


Contact us      

Main Office – 0151 556 3681

MRI Appointments Team – 0151 556 3677 / 3678

CT Appointments Team – 0151 556 3679

Angiography Appointments Team – 0151 556 3680

PACS office – 0151 556 3504

Directorate Manager – 0151 556 3792

Out of hours MRI – 0151 556 3703


Opening Times                      

Main Department/Office - Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm

MRI - Monday to Friday 8.00am to 8.00pm 

CT - Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5.00pm


Further Information

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