The Walton Centre SMART team is a small team comprising of senior nurses with a background in neuro critical care.


Who we are

 Our team has close links with the anaesthetic and nursing staff from the intensive care unit.

The team was established in December 1999, in response to the Department of Health’s report: Comprehensive critical care: a review of adult critical care services which was published in May 2000.


What we do

We have many areas of interest. Our main aim is that all of our patients receive the appropriate care in a timely manner in the correct environment.

This may be on one of our wards, or involve transfer to the High Dependency Unit, Horsley ITU, or the repatriation of a patient to their referring hospital.

All of the Trust's patients that have spent time on our HDU or CCU, will be visited from a member of the outreach team with in 24 hours of their transfer. This may be just one visit, or until the patient has recovered satisfactorily enough not to warrant further reviews.

We also review all non-CCU patients who have a Tracheostomy and facilitate the care and weaning from this artificial airway.

Some Walton Centre patients may require long term intravenous medication, if feasible, the team are able to insert a long term intravenous cannula, called a MidLine, or a PICC Line. It is our aim is to have this inserted within 24 hours from referral, to minimise any delay in treatment, and promoting a quick recovery.

Our ward staff use a Track and Trigger system or Modified Early Warning Score to monitor and assess our patients, to detect any deterioration in the patients well being. If a patient’s score indicates that they may be deteriorating or the nursing staff have any concern about a patient in their care they will be referred to the SMART team, or medical staff. If after review, a higher level of care is required, we can facilitate the transfer to the appropriate area, for more specialised treatment or monitoring if required.

All of our team have the Advanced Life Support course, accredited by the Resus Council.


Outreach Cover

We cover the Trust between 7.30am until 8.30pm, seven days a week.

To contact the SMART team at The Walton Centre, call 0151 525 3611 and ask switchboard to bleep 2216.