Visiting and Telephone Information

Horsley ITU Tel.: 0151 529 5772/5773

High Dependency Unit Tel.: 0151 529 5489


We appreciate that family and friends want to know how the patient is doing, but there is very little information the staff can provide over the phone for reasons of confidentiality. It would be beneficial to designate one or two family members who could ring people to pass on information

Visiting on Horsley ITU is 12pm — 2pm and 4pm — 8pm,but patients need a lot of rest and close monitoring. Therefore, there will be times that you will have to wait long periods whilst the patient receives care or treatment. 

Please speak to the nurse in charge with any special requests for visiting. 

Please ensure that you wash and gel your hands before entering the unit.

The staff will provide ongoing information and the medical team will speak with you to explain the treatment plan.  You may wish to write down any questions that you wish to ask the staff. Two visitors are allowed at the bedside at any one time and, initially, it is advisable that only close family and friends visit. Babies and young children should not be brought into the unit due to the risk of infection being passed on to them. Older children may visit, but it is best to discuss this with the nurse in charge prior to visiting.

Visiting for HDU is from 2pm—4pm and 6pm—8pm, again, only two people at a time at the bedside please.

Space is very limited, so we would be grateful if you could take home all property except for essentials, like toiletries. Please do not send flowers to the unit and keep hold of any get-well cards until discharged to the ward.

The critical care unit is secured by automatic door locks for the safety of patients and staff. On arrival you will need to press the intercom on the wall for either Horsley or HDU and state whom you have come to visit. Please be patient, due to work pressures staff may be busy and take some time to answer the intercom. On entering the unit the waiting area is to your right.


The doors to Horsley ITU/HDU are normally locked and you will need to ring a doorbell to gain access. Again, please be patient and wait for a reply.  Sometimes the doors are left open for staff to move patients quickly. 


There are dispensers on the wall near the entrance containing a gel to clean your hands which you must use when entering and leaving the unit.


Visitor Facilities

There are facilities for making tea and coffee, and cupboards to store groceries within the visitor’s room; please label and date any items you store. 

A toilet is located inside the visitor’s waiting area and also in the main entrance.  A payphone is located within the visitor’s area as well as at the main reception area. Please turn off your mobile phone whilst on the unit

The Visitor’s room is provided for the use of relatives of patients on the Horsley Intensive Care Unit and the High Dependency Unit. Because it has to serve a large number of people there are no facilities for using the room for sleeping purposes as this restricts use for other people.

You are welcome to stay overnight, if this is necessary, but we would remind you that this is a sitting area and furniture should not be re-arranged for purposes of sleeping. We request that you respect the purpose for which the room is intended.


Home from Home for relatives

Our home from home for relatives who want to stay near to their loved ones undergoing lifesaving treatment in our hospital includes eight, ensuite bedrooms with a sitting area, laundry and kitchen, giving them the comforts of home to support them through a traumatic time. Please click here for more information.