Trust structure

The Trust, originally formed in 1992, attained Foundation Trust status in 2009 and is unique  in being the only specialist NHS neurosciences trust in the UK. 

Based in Liverpool, our catchment population is about 3.5 million and is drawn from Merseyside, Cheshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, the Isle of Man and North Wales. 

In addition, due to an international reputation in some areas of expertise, referrals are received from other geographical areas of the UK. Service delivery is achieved via a ‘hub and spoke’ system and we have partnerships with 13 NHS trusts across the area we serve

This satellite model of care for neurology means that many patients are able to access outpatient consultations and many tests closer to home, and takes specialist services as close to patients as possible, with neurosurgery, highly specialised assessments and in-patient care being undertaken at The Walton Centre.

The Walton Centre is also a part of the Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership - a group of organisations working together to address the challenges to the region's health, the quality of care, and increasing financial pressures.

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Organisational chart

The Walton Centre organisational structure can be found below:


The Walton Centre provides services in the following specialist areas:

The range of conditions provided by the Trust include the neurosurgical management of trauma – both head and spinal injuries; tumours of the central nervous system both cranial and spinal; neurovascular diseases; epilepsy (including a full surgical program); movement disorders including the provision of a deep brain stimulation service; neurosurgical management of pain with a particular focus on trigeminal neuralgia; provision of neuro-modulation services; multiple sclerosis; motor neurone disease; chronic neuropathic pain; a comprehensive spinal neurosurgical service; treatment of spasticity; facial pain; headache; migraine; and we also offer a neuro-rehabilitation program.

The provision of these services benefits from the close multidisciplinary environment generated by the specialist nature of the Trust and is a key advantage afforded by the Trust’s unique specialisation in neurosciences.

We are a tertiary healthcare provider which means patients are referred to us from other hospitals as well as their General Practitioners. Since opening this facility in 1998, we have continued to develop our services at the Trust and in our satellite clinics, with valued support and partnership from Merseyside neurological charities, Neurosupport and the Welsh Neurological Alliance.

The Walton Centre is a teaching hospital and is closely associated with the University of Liverpool Faculty of Medicine and Edge Hill University. The relationship between academically acclaimed research and improving patient care is embedded throughout the Trust.

Our vision is: Excellence in Neuroscience

Our mission is to provide a high quality of treatment, care and patient experience in the most appropriate place for the needs of our patients.

The Trust is organised into two clinical divisions with managerial responsibility being shared by a Divisional General Manager and a Clinical Director. There are also a number of corporate services, each of which is headed by an Executive Director.

The Trust is also corporate trustee for the Walton Centre Charity which is a registered charity and although it is managed and accounted for separately, it represents the charitable arm of the Trust.