Training, development & education

Training, development and education has a critical role in supporting The Walton Centre to increase effectiveness through efficient and meaningful management and leadership development opportunities, quality education provision and clear plans for the identification of its future talent.

The department is supported by a range of staff with specific responsibilities for education, including clinically based practice educators, a practice education facilitator for nursing students and cadets and medical staff supporting undergraduate teaching. 

The department benchmarks its performance against the Investors in People standard.

Mission Statement

“To ensure all staff are appropriately trained and qualified for the work they undertake and continue to maximise their potential for the future.”

Learning Organisation

The Walton Centre is committed to be a ‘learning organisation’, recognising that growth and development does not happen by itself, but needs to be planned, resourced and its impact continually evaluated.

We aim to ensure that all levels of the Trust are aware of the value of learning as part of organisational development and that the culture of the Trust supports staff to be innovative and to share information by enabling openness, questioning and reflection. 

The leadership of The Walton Centre, from Board level through to all levels of leadership, is committed to both individual and Trust learning. The Trust Board support the ethos of a ‘learning organisation’, making required resources available whilst ensuring the quantity and quality of its learning provision meets the needs of the hospital.