Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 became law on 20 November 2000, and was fully implemented on 1 January 2005.

The Act gives individuals a general right of access to all types of non-personal recorded information held by public authorities. The intended purpose of the Act is to promote greater transparency and openness by public authorities.

Public authorities have a number of duties under the Act and one of those is to adopt and maintain a Publication Scheme. The Walton Centre has adopted the recommended Model Publication Scheme for Health Bodies in England, which was developed and provided by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

The new scheme covers seven classes of information:

  • Who we are and what we do
  • What we spend and how we spend it
  • What our priorities are and how we are doing
  • How we make decisions
  • Our policies and procedures
  • Lists and registers
  • The services we offer

We aim to make as much information available as possible through the Publication Scheme, so please look through this section of the website and the Publication Scheme page first before making an application for information. If you can’t locate the information and wish to make a request, then further details of the process can be found on the How to make a Request page.

In addition to the Publication Scheme, The Walton Centre has a Freedom of Information Policy available on the intranet to assist staff with meeting their obligations and to provide the public with a guide to the Trust’s obligations under the Act.

If you have any questions or require assistance in locating or making a request for information, you can contact a member of the Information Governance team on 0151 556 3037.