Information for GPs

Welcome to The Walton Centre, we take great pride in our hospital, the only stand-alone neurosciences trust in the UK.

We can focus all our attention on providing and developing adult services in neurology, neurosurgery, pain relief medicine, rehabilitation and the associated neuro-related diagnostic departments. We also have appropriate links into joint services, where appropriate, with for example oncology, endocrinology, ophthalmology and infectious disease etc.

We have more that trebled in size in the twenty years of our Trust existence, including provision of neurology services at 14 DGH ‘spokes’. We continue to grow on the back of ever increasing demand for our services and innovation.

We regard this continual process of development as integral to our provision, whether by innovation or though increasing research commitments.

The details of our services are accessed on this website, which contains numerous links to information available through external sources, such as disease specific charities.

You will notice the highly developed subspecialty provision of services, which we recognise as contributing to better outcomes.

How might you help us to help your patient?

Information is the key: a well written letter from the patient’s GP or specialist referring doctor remains the most powerful diagnostic tool in many areas, and often guides management strategy.

So please give us the benefit of your knowledge of the patient and their problems, and also about their previous consultations or test results.

If the patient has had a scan elsewhere, please tell us where and roughly when: we will then get it transferred electronically before the consultation, so speeding the pathway considerably. Our consultants need to see the scans for themselves and interpret accordingly.


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Dr Peter Enevoldson

Medical Director