Procurement process

The value of the supply opportunity determines which procurement process is used:-

  • Under £10,000 - obtain 3 quotes for comparison
  • Over £10,000 and under £50,000 - obtain 3 formal quotes, form a contract, potentially perform a competitive tender process, or use a Government Framework agreement.
  • Over £50,000 and under £181,302 – perform a competitive tender process
  • Over £181,302 – perform an OJEU advertisement tender or use a Government Frame work agreement

The Walton Centre currently sources and purchases goods/services through a number of routes including:-

  • National NHS Contracts
  • Local Contracts
  • Other Government contracts accessible to the NHS such as GPS (Government Procurement Service).

The Trust is encouraged to make use of such contracts where possible to benefit from national pricing, guaranteed service and quality, whilst being assured that the statutory requirements have been met. 

As The Walton Centre is a unique organisation, it is often the case that there isn’t a suitable national agreement in place and a competitive tendering process will be performed.

The Walton Centre has a financial limit defined in the Trusts Standing Financial Instructions over which formal competitive tenders will be undertaken.  This limit is set at £50,000; however, the Procurement team will often perform a tender process under this amount to encourage competition and gain commitment from suppliers.