Rehab Network Team

The Walton Centre is part of the Cheshire and Merseyside Rehabilitation Network.

The Network is a partnership between the area’s specialist regional inpatient rehabilitation units. Find out more here.

The Walton Centre provides specialist rehabilitation care for patients immediately after being admitted with trauma and other neurological injuries and throughout their journey of recovery.

It is one of only three hospitals in England who provide hyper acute specialist rehabilitation treatment.
There are 30 hyper-acute supportive rehabilitation inpatient beds split between:

  • Hyper-acute Unit on Lipton Ward
  • Complex Rehabilitation Unit

Both units provide high-quality rehabilitation services with a rehabilitation consultant led multidisciplinary team.

Patients are individually assessed and an intervention plan which is specific to their needs is then devised. Patients, relatives and carers are encouraged to play an active role within each treatment package.

Hyper Acute Unit

The Hyper Acute Unit has 10 rehabilitation beds.

It is specifically for patients who need to stay in a hospital ward setting because they have tracheostomies, naso-gastric feeding tubes or need continuing medical care.

Patients receive rehabilitation therapy from a range of specialist staff, depending on their specific, individual needs.

When patients are ready, they will move to another rehabilitation service within the Network such as the Complex Rehabilitation Unit at The Walton Centre or rehabilitation units at Broadgreen Hospital and St Helens Hospital.

Complex Rehabilitation Unit

The Complex Rehabilitation Unit has 20 rehabilitation beds.

It provides a supportive rehabilitation environment to enable people with neurological or complex trauma conditions to achieve their potential.

This involves working with patients to reduce the impact of any disability and helping them to adjust to their condition.

The focus is on enabling people to live as independently as possible and to maximise the opportunities for patients by liaising with other organisations that are able to provide them with support.


Rehabilitation Network Referral Criteria 2014-15