Infection Prevention and Control


Nothing has a higher priority for the Trust than improving our performance in reducing healthcare associated infections such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile.Infection5.jpg



All NHS organisations must ensure that they have effective systems in place to control healthcare associated infection and we are fully committed to ensuring resources are allocated to effectively protect patients, their relatives, staff and visiting members of the public.



The Trust has a dedicated Infection Control Team led by the Director of Infection Prevention and Director of Nursing and Governance Lisa Salter. The team works closely with senior managers, matrons and doctors to reduce the risks of infection.







"Infection control at The Walton Centre, like in all hospitals, is the biggest challenge we face but can be successfully managed in the simplest of ways," says Hayley Citrine.Infection2.jpg
"It is important to put infection control in context for the Trust where we have a great reputation which we all need to work hard to maintain.
"Because of the specialist services we provide and the kinds of conditions we treat our patients can be more vulnerable to infections which make the challenge to stop infections in the hospital even greater.
"Clinicians here have to use different kinds of antibiotics to get through the brain barrier, a protective layer that prevents materials from entering the brain from the blood, which can restrict certain types of treatments.
"As ever, prevention is better than the cure, and simply washing your hands remains the single most important way to protect from infection.
"It’s everybody’s business and we all have to work together.
"We need everyone to be an ambassador for infection control and to be vigilant because a clean and tidy hospital means less risk of infection.
"I believe one health care associated infection is one too many.
"The most important thing is our patients receive the best care in a safe and clean environment."

The Trust's Infection Control tearm are:

  • Hayley Citrine (Director of Nursing and Modernisation)
  • Phil Kane (Corporate Lead Nurse for Infection, Prevention & Control)
  • Chris Jessop (Infection Control Nurse Specialist)
  • Claire Chalinor (Infection Control Nurse Specialist)
  • Julia Cottrell (Infection Control Nurse Specialist) 

    The Infection Control team can be contacted via the switch board on 0151 525 3611.