Home from Home Accommodation

Home from Home for relatives

The Walton Centre’s Home from Home has been provided by our charity, for relatives who need somewhere to stay after a patient has been admitted for urgent treatment.

There is some criteria about who is able to use the facility and for how long, to enable us to support as many families as possible in the first few days after a relative’s admission. The accommodation is free to use as it is provided by our charity.

There are eight, ensuite twin bedrooms including two larger rooms which are suitable for families and for those with a disability.

Bedroom Dining room


The Fairclough Family Lounge offers sofas, TV and a kitchenette and dining area; and there is a quiet room for anyone who would like a private space to relax. There is a laundry, fully equipped for washing and drying; and free wifi for easy internet access.

If you would like to enquire about our Home from Home or about finding a local hotel, please speak to a member of staff or contact our Accommodation Officer:
Call: 0151 556 3091
Email: sara.lawton@thewaltoncentre.nhs.uk


Support our Home from Home Fund

The Walton Centre’s Home from Home is provided free to families thanks to our charity supporters. The aim is to take away some of the worry for relatives who need to focus on the wellbeing of a loved one in our care. To make a donation to the Home from Home Fund, or for more information about our charity click here.