Does The Walton Centre have access to any of my other Health Data?

In recent years the NHS has changed the way we share patient information among Health Professionals in different settings e.g. Hospitals, GP practices, Urgent Care Centers.

To prevent delay and ensure safe treatment, especially in urgent situations, doctors and other specialists may access essential parts of your record electronically, rather than writing to or phoning your GP or other Healthcare Professionals involved in your treatment and care.

The NHS nationally and locally currently uses systems to share information electronically.

Summary Care Record

The Summary Care Record (SCR) is a secure national electronic record, enabling doctors and health specialists to access information about you that could be vital in an emergency or out-of-hours situation.

Records for each individual will be created automatically. This will enable NHS staff caring for you anywhere in England to access the following information to support your care in an emergency.

  • Any medicines you are taking
  • Any allergies you have
  • Any bad reactions you had to medicines

Healthcare staff will ask your permission before they look at your record except in certain circumstances (e.g. if you are unconscious).

How to Opt-Out of the Summary Care Record

You can download the ‘opt-out form’ at NHS Care Records and give this to your GP.

Cheshire Care Record

The Cheshire Care Record is a local electronic patient record that allows health and social care professionals directly involved in your care, to share a summary of your medical record.

Your Cheshire Care Record will help those caring for you to manage your care better, and allow information to be shared quickly and safely. Only authorised staff providing health and social care services, or services such as palliative care across Cheshire and Merseyside can access this record.

For more information about Cheshire Care Record, visit the Cheshire Care Record website at (external link, opens in a new window) which includes information on:

  • What the Cheshire care record is
  • Why share information
  • Who information is shared with
  • How to Opt Out/In of sharing



EMIS Web allows healthcare professionals to record, share and use vital information so they can provide better, more efficient care for.

  • Primary Care
  • Community Care
  • Mental Health

Clinical staff will only be able to view the data if the patient has given consent to their GP practice to share their GP record and if the practice has signed up to share the information. Not all GP data will be shared or made available.

For more information about EMIS Web, visit the EMIS Health website at or speak to your GP.