The Walton Centre manages two car park areas which are directly outside and to the right of the main building main entrance. All other car parks on site are managed and controlled by Aintree University Hospital.   

There is car parking available in front of and to the right of the main building main entrance; in front of the Sid Watkins Building; and in the site multi-storey car park (provided by Aintree Hospital).
The car parks in front of the main building and the Sid Watkins Building are Pay and Display car parks. There are ticket machines in these areas. No change is given from these ticket machines, so you will need coins for payment, and there is a cash change machine available in main reception of the main building.

There are a number of disabled parking spaces directly outside the main entrance. Please display your current Blue Badge when using them. Please do not use them if you do not have a Blue Badge - these spaces are policed regularly. The spaces are not free of charge and users will have to Pay and Display.

There are also several disabled spaces available in the multi-storey car park. The Walton Centre can be accessed directly from the second floor of the multi-storey car park via the link bridge.

Charges are kept under review and may be amended from time to time.

Parking Concessions

We operate a parking concession scheme for patients undergoing long term treatment, and/or visitors attending the site frequently. 

Concessionary passes must only be used in the designated car park areas. 

Multi storey car park: £17.50 weekly pass. Tickets can only be purchased from the ticket machines in the multi storey car park

The Walton Centre main building car park: £17.50 weekly pass, £40 monthly pass. Main building passes must only be used in the car park situated on the right, at the front of the main building, as you enter the car park from Lower Lane. 
There are only 30 spaces available in this area. The passes are not valid in any other areas of the front car park or anywhere else on site, this includes the area situated down the ramp to the left as you enter the car park. A fine may be imposed if vehicles are parked improperly.

To purchase a concessionary parking pass for the main building car park please visit the Cash Office, ground floor (between the Courtyard Bistro and the Outpatient Department), The Walton Centre main building.