Brain tumours

The brain tumour service at The Walton Centre treats over 500 new patients per year.  A multidisciplinary team including Neurosurgeons, Oncologists, Clinical Nurse Specialists and the Palliative Care Team specialise in treating all types of brain tumours, including:

    • Gliomas
    • Glioblastoma (grade IV)
    • Anaplastic astrocytoma (grade III)
    • Low-grade glioma (grade II)
    • Pilocytic astrocytoma (grade I)
    • Oligodendroglioma
    • Ependymoma
    • Mixed glioma
    • Meningioma
    • Pineal region tumour
    • Brain metastase
    • Primary central nervous system lymphoma
    • Haemangioblastoma


Surgery is usually the first line of attack for treating brain tumours.  Tumours are removed to the maximal extent using advanced equipment such as image-guidance systems, neurophysiological monitoring, intra-operative ultrasound and immunofluorosence-guided surgery.  Awake surgery with intra-operative mapping of language, motor and sensory function is also used for selected patients.  When tumour resection is not possible, biopsy is used to make the diagnosis.  Our neurosurgeons also have expertise in stereotactic radiosurgery using the Novalis TX machine located on site at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre Liverpool.

We also have some surgical clinical trials open for brain tumour patients.

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy

Treatment planning for radiotherapy and chemotherapy for most brain tumours is done by the neuro-oncologists from Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.  Patients with primary central nervous system lymphoma are treated jointly by haematologists at Aintree University Hospital.  Some patients can also be treated at The North Wales Cancer Centre.

We also have some radiotherapy and chemotherapy clinical trials open for brain tumour patients.

Support for patients with brain tumours

The Neuro-oncology clinical nurse specialist team is a dedicated team of nurses who specialise in supporting patients with brain and spinal tumours. We are part of the multidisciplinary team providing care during admission and after discharge. A diagnosis of a brain or spinal tumour can be a very frightening time for patients and their families. The clinical nurse specialist team offer support and provide information from the first point of contact through to surgery, oncology treatment and beyond.


The Neuro-Oncology clinical nurse specialists roles include:

  • To be the key worker for each patient with a brain or spinal tumour
  • To provide emotional, psychological, practical and discharge support
  • To facilitate referrals to other health care professionals including:
    • Benefits advice and social service referrals
    • Community Macmillan and district nurse
    • Epilepsy Specialist Nurse
    • Occupational therapists and physiotherapists
    • Counselling services and specialised neurological support services

We also provide a monthly support group supported by The Brain Tumour Charity at Liverpool’s dedicated neurological society The Brain Charity.  The support group is well attended by patients, carers and families and has been described as a ‘lifeline’ from those who attend.

We also provide two education courses per year. ‘Coping Better Together’ is a four week course, one afternoon a week which provides education by wealth of expert speakers on a range of brain tumour topics. Including:

  • Diagnosis, treatment and future directions in the management of brain tumours
  • Living with a brain tumour – coping strategies
  • Epilepsy and brain tumours
  • Avenues of support
  • Fatigue management

Support groups

A group meets at 1pm on the last Monday of the month at The Brain Charity, except in August when the meeting is on the last Tuesday. A second group meets on the first Monday of each month, from 1 to 3pm in Northwich Carers Centre, Northwich CW9 5HH. For details about either group, Email or call Sue on 07717 175236.

Another Brain Tumour Support Group is run in Llandudno, in the training room of Asda, from 1.30 to 3.30pm on the third Tuesday of each month. For more details email or call Michelle on 07436 102652.

To contact the Neuro-oncology clinical nurse specialist team:

Brain tumour research

There is an active brain tumour research programme in collaboration with researchers at the University of Liverpool and further afield. All patients undergoing brain tumour surgery are invited to participate.


Our Oncology Surgeons

Mr A Brodbelt

Prof M Jenkinson

Mr J Farah

Mr D Lawson

Mr E Chavredakis


Our Clinical Nurse Specialists 

Anna Crofton - Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Alison Rodway

Jan Holding

Antonia Thorpe

Jill McColl (Clatterbridge Cancer Centre)

Pauline Bunford (North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre)


Our Oncologists

Dr Shaveta Mehta

Dr Chloe May

Dr Adi Shenoy

Dr Win Soe (North Wales)

Dr Niladri Ghosal (North Wales)l