Stereotactic radiosurgery

In collaboration with oncologists from Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, stereotactic radiosurgery is available on site at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. Using the state of the art Novalis TX radiosurgery machine radiation treatment can be delivered precisely and accurately to well-defined small targets in the brain and spine.

It is especially effective for treating certain Neurosurgery SRS and Mr Jenkinsontypes of brain tumours:

  • Acoustic neuroma
  • Meningioma
  • Brain metastases
  • Some pituitary tumours

SRS can also be used to treat:

Novalis TX offers patients a number of advantages over other therapies:

  • Treatment is performed in a single session
  • Treatment is completed as a day case procedure
  • The procedure entails very little discomfort and in some circumstances can be performed without the application of a fixed frame
  • Focused radiation is delivered to the target abnormality with minimal impact on healthy tissue
  • Patients recuperate within a few hours of treatment

Patient on SRS

Our radiosurgeons

Mr M Jenkinson

Prof P Eldridge

Mr A Brodbelt

Mr J Farah

Our specialist nurses

Cathy Stoneley

Anna Crofton

Allison Rodway

Melanie White

Jan Holdon

Our oncologists

David Husband

Brian Haylock

Adi Shenoy

Our therapy radiographers

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