Pain Medicine

The Walton Centre is internationally famous for treating patients with chronic pain.

Everyone has experienced pain, we associate it with damage to our body, expect it to get better once healing has occurred.  We call pain which gets better with healing ‘acute pain’. 

Chronic pain lasts longer than the normal healing process and is still present three months after an injury or illness. Chronic pain can cause disability and depression and has a major impact on the sufferer’s life. An estimated seven per cent of people in the UK have chronic pain.

Dr Manohar with pain medicine patient

Chronic Pain Medicine has developed as a speciality over the past 50 years. The Walton Centre has been at the forefront in the battle against chronic pain since the 1960s, and is recognised for its expertise, both nationally and internationally.

Our aim is to use specialist techniques to cure or ease the pain.  In addition we help people come to terms with chronic pain and improve their quality of life on our Pain Management Programme (PMP) which is the largest and longest running PMP in the UK.

Pain Medicine Consultants

Dr Manohar Sharma

Dr Rajiv Chawla

Dr John Wiles

Dr Bernhard Frank

Dr Andreas Goebel

Dr Praveen Ganty

Dr Sumit Gulati

Consultant Psychologists

Dr Kerry Mathews

Functional Neurosurgeons

Prof Paul Eldridge

Mr Jibril Farah