UV light system adds to tough infection control regime

UV light launch

UV light system used to fight infection

The Walton Centre is one of the first hospitals in the North West to use a new UV light system to kill germs.

The unit, which is addition to the Trust’s robust decontamination process, stands at around 5ft tall and uses the power of ultra-violet light to fight bacteria.

The system will be used on wards as well as theatres at the specialist brain and spine hospital.

Infection prevention and control is pivotal to prevent patients acquiring infection and reducing the risks of infection spreading.

Without adequate decontamination of equipment and the environment, outbreaks of infection can happen which can delay patient recovery and lead to bays and wards having to be closed which in turn can disrupt patient flow.

Corporate Lead Nurse for Infection, Prevention and Control PhillipaKane said: “I’m excited about this new piece of equipment.

“Infection prevention andcontrol is crucial to any hospital. We want to keep patients safe and preventing healthcare associated infections is key.

“Our patients, due to the nature of the work we do here, are vulnerable, which makes it vital that our infection control procedures are robust.

“The bugs are getting very clever - they are building up resistance to antibiotics. Devices such as these will help us keep a step ahead.”

Following the discharge of a patient from a side room or a bay, a thorough clean takes place to make sure the room and all its contents, such as the bed frame, side cabinet, patient equipment etc are clean.

The system is then wheeled into the room and sensors are positioned in the room. Staff control the device from outside the room until the deep clean has been completed effectively.  

The UV light system takes an average of 20 minutes and is an addition to other cleaning methods used at the hospital, such as using a disinfecting vapour, which takes between 2 to 3 hours.

The system was provided by an environmental cleaning specialist company called Hygiene Solutions.


Caption: Director of Nursing Hayley Citrine with staff members at the launch of the UV light system

Inset pic: Sally Cousins, housekeeper for theatres, is trained to use the new UV light system


Further information: Helen Hunt on 0151 529 8964 or 07966 627814

Notes to editors:

The new Ultra-V™ system specifically uses UV-C rays to decontaminate the environment effectively.

The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust is the only hospital trust in the UK specialising in neurology, neurosurgery and pain services. Although the majority of patients come from Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales, Lancashire and the Isle of Man, for some specialist treatments of complex disorders we see patients from all parts of the country, referred by their GPs or other neurologists, neurosurgeons and pain clinicians.

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