ITU first to use innovative ‘Sky Light’ to help treat patients with delirium

New Sky Viewing System for trauma patients


Skylight in ITU

The Walton Centre’s Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU) has installed cutting-edge technology which allows patients to visualise the sky to help minimise delirium. 

The ‘Sky View Ceiling System’ streams high quality footage of the day and night’s sky to help improve patient sleep patterns and thereby reducing the incidence of delirium, a phenomenon that intensive care patients are at a higher risk of. Last year staff set up a delirium prevention group and circulated education and sleep hygiene information, a key part of delirium prevention.

Michelle McLeod is the Lead Nurse of the prevention group behind the new system. She said: “Delirium is a growing problem. With intensive care patients, the longer the delirium lasts, the more damage it can do in the long term.

“We are constantly educating staff and improving screening techniques to minimise patients developing delirium. The new system means patients can improve their sleep patterns and therefore reduce the chances of becoming delirious.” 

ITU team behind the Skylight

The system was funded by charitable donations from patients and visitors to the ITU fund. Dr Sandeep Lakhani is Clinical Director of Neuroanaesthesia and Critical Care. He said: “The patients we see coming in can have extensive traumatic head injury. Delirium can be an added complication which hampers rehabilitation.

“The staff on ITU have embraced the prevention measures and the new sky system. The Walton Centre is committed to providing high quality care for every patient and it’s exciting to be able to look at new innovation to deliver it.”

Consultant Anaesthetist Dr Priya Nair was key in bringing the system to the Trust. She said: “We’re really proud that we’ve been able to provide this for one of our patient rooms in ITU. This new system is the only one I’m aware of in the country.

“Intervening and preventing delirium has substantial implications when it comes to improving outcome and the   patient’s quality of life post intensive care. We’ve got more ideas on combating this – the ceiling is just the beginning!” 

Sky Inside UK managed the project, fitted the system recently in a patient room on the ITU ward. The company specialises in creating visual light boxes and video systems in a number of hospital settings. Director Allan Sinclair said: “This is a fantastic system for patients. To my knowledge it’s the first of its kind to be used in an ITU setting and potentially be used to help patients at high risk of developing delirium. It’s an absolute pleasure to be able to help patients in this way.”

Pictured from left: Lead Nurse Critical Care Michelle Mcleod, Consultant & Clinical Director Dr Sandeep Lakhani and Consultant Anaesthetist Dr Priya Nair.




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