The Procurement team supports all wards and departments across the organisation in relation to procurement related activity, this covers: 

Strategic procurement

Undertaking tendering and contracting in line with the public contract regulations (PCR 15) to ensure value for money is achieved through all procurement related activities.  Providing high level legal advice relating to contractual terms, undertaking contract negotiations, alternative product sourcing, facilitating medical device/consumables trials and evaluations, ensuring supplier engagement to support the effective management of contracts and the latest updates in technologies and innovations from market and commodity analysis and horizon scanning.    


Supply chain and logistics

Providing a materials management service (including daily stock top-up and put-away) using just-in-time principles to ensure the right goods are available on every ward and department, undertaking quarterly review sessions with clinical colleagues to ensure the level and type of stock holding is accurate, overseeing the receipt and distribution services to ensure goods are delivered on time and to the right locations across the organisation.   


Procure 2 Pay

Timely processing of all purchase orders, the creation of supplier catalogues in the procurement system and providing a customer service to all wards and departments across the trust.  

Contact information

Katie Tootill
Associate Director of Procurement
Tel: 07816 353994 or 0151 556 3070

Name: Steve Doran
Head of Procurement (Estates Procurements)
Tel: 07816 353997

Name: Richard Jolley
Procurement & Contract Manager (Digital & Workforce Procurements)
Tel: 07816 353987

Name: Colin Baker
Procurement & Contract Manager (Medical Devices & Clinical Consumable Procurements)
Tel: 07971 550241

Name: Peter Barnes
P2P & Supply Chain Manager
Tel: 07974 634031

Page last updated: 16 August 2023