COVID-19 restrictions to remain in place at The Walton Centre

Restrictions remain in place across the NHS in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. The safety measures in place over the 18 months therefore remain in place at The Walton Centre - and in our other clinic settings within the community – until further notice.

Due to the increased transmission risk posed by the Omicron variant, visiting has been suspended within The Walton Centre except for exceptional circumstances.

The Walton Way values


The Walton Way Values

Our Walton Way values were developed through staff engagement and are values that underpin everything we do at our Trust.

The five Walton Way values are:


Caring enough to put the needs of others first



Passionate about delivering dignity for all



Open and honest in all we do



Proud to be part of one big team



Courtesy and professionalism – it’s all about respect


The values are embedded within all Trust policies and are also part of the Personal Development Review process undertaken by all members of staff.

Page last updated: 09 August 2021