Publication scheme

The Publication Scheme is a complete guide to the information routinely published by the Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust. It is a description of the information about our Trust, which we make publicly available. This Scheme is the model publication scheme approved by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) from 1st January 2009.

Under the act every public authority must produce a Publication Scheme which is essentially a guide to the information a public authority routinely publishes or intends to publish. The Publication Scheme reduces the administrative burden of dealing with individual requests as well as demonstrating to the public a commitment to openness. Anybody wishing to see Trust documents should first access the Publication Scheme to see if the document they wish to view is available there. If the information you require is not in our Publication Scheme, you can make a specific request for that information. If you need a hard copy of the Publication Scheme, please contact:

Freedom of Information Officer
The Walton Centre Foundation Trust
I M & T Department
Lower Lane
L9 7LJ

We shall review the Scheme at regular intervals and monitor how it is operating.

Information classes

The ICO requires public bodies to make public information available under the seven headings set out below:

Who we are and what we do

What we spend and how we spend it


What are our priorities and how we are doing

How we make decisions

Our policies and procedures

Lists and registers

The services we offer

Frequently asked questions (FOIs)

FoI quarterly compliance reports

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Page last updated: 10 October 2023