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Visiting is once again welcomed at The Walton Centre. So that we can safely reintroduce visiting, visits should be pre-booked with an allocated appointment slot. Patients can have two visitors each.

General safety measures remain in place at The Walton Centre - and in our other clinic settings within the community – until further notice. These include temperature checks, the wearing of face coverings and social distancing.

Jefferson Ward

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Jefferson Ward is a neuroscience day surgery and same day admission unit. The ward is an integral part of the neurological and neurosurgical patient pathway.

Medical investigations and procedures carried out on the ward include diagnostic lumbar punctures, investigations for migraine and patients undergoing radiology procedures, as well as patients going to theatre. The ward has four female beds, four male beds and an infusion bay which provides specialist infusions (including IVIG, Natalizumab and cyclophosphamide) for up to nine patients at a time.

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Patient leaflets

Biopsy - Muscle

A muscle biopsy is a procedure in which a small sample of muscle is removed for testing in a laboratory. 

Biopsy - Nerve

A nerve biopsy is the removal of a small piece of a nerve for testing in the laboratory.

Biopsy - Skin

A skin biopsy is a procedure in which a small piece of your skin is removed then studied under a microscope to identify abnormalities to achieve a diagnosis.


Biopsy - Temporal Artery

A temporal artery biopsy is a procedure in which a small piece of your temporal artery is removed then studied under a microscope to check for signs of inflammation and damage.

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