COVID-19 Restrictions to remain in place at our hospital

We would like to remind you that the restrictions currently in place across the NHS will remain for the foreseeable future. This includes limitations on visiting patients, and infection control measures such as wearing face masks, temperature checks and maintaining social distancing when at our hospital.


Service detail

This is a discipline of medicine that deals with illnesses in the interface between Neurology and Psychiatry. The brain controls a range of complex functions within our body. It is also responsible in controlling our thinking, emotions and behaviour. Abnormality in the brain can therefore impact a person’s cognition and mood which can further complicate the clinical presentation. The highly specialist Neuropsychiatry team at The Walton Centre works alongside other neuroscience specialists to help people with such varied range of disorders. 

The Neuropsychiatry team offers assessment for patients with:

  • Neuropsychiatric symptoms caused due to a primary neurological disorders e.g. epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis.
  • Neuropsychiatric disability following trauma or injury to the brain
  • Severe and disabling neurological symptoms without identified neurological cause (Functional Neurological disorders)
  • Pre-existing psychiatric illness presenting with a neurological disorder

The Neuropsychiatry Department offers an inpatient Consultant led liaison service for patient admitted to The Walton centre. It also organises outpatient follow up for such patient. In addition, the service offers general and specialist outpatient clinics to patient who have been referred to them by Neurologists and Neurosurgeons based at The Walton Centre. The team also provides input in various multi-disciplinary neurology, neurosurgery and neuro-rehabilitation clinical meetings to discuss and manage complex cases.

Neuropsychiatry Consultants

Dr Antonio Da Costa

Dr Antonio Da Costa works as a Consultant Neuropsychiatrist at The Walton Centre. As a Consultant Neuropsychiatrist at The Walton Centre he is keen to facilitate cross speciality working within a multidisciplinary team to improve treatment outcomes in complex neuroscience patients. 

Page last updated: 29 August 2021