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The Tissue Viability Service provides specialist assessments, advice and management for patients who are under the care of The Walton Centre who have active wounds or who are at risk of developing wounds, including pressure ulcers during their inpatient stay with us. 

The service is a nurse-led speciality that operates in a multi-professional way to promote the prevention, assessment, treatment and management of a variety of wounds. 

In addition to this, the Tissue Viability Team is proactive in delivering planned and targeted education programmes to ensure the delivery of care is both evidence based and clinically effective.  

Documentation, policy and guidelines, staff satisfaction and patient experience are monitored to ensure that there is continuous quality improvement to the service. 

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As a patient you may be referred to the Tissue Viability Service either during your stay or after your discharge. A Tissue Viability Specialist Nurse will assess/review your wound and advise staff on how best to manage it. The Tissue Viability Specialist Nurse may only see you once or may arrange a follow-up review. The nurse/doctor can refer again if further advice is required after the initial assessment. Usually a nurse/doctor will refer to the Tissue Viability Service if an assessment is required via the Ep2 system, however, patients can contact us directly if they have any concerns or require wound care advice. Specialist Tissue Viability Clinics are held on a weekly basis for patients who have been discharged from The Walton Centre with a problematic wound. 

Patient leaflets

Pressure ulcer prevention

The purpose of this leaflet is to provide you and your carer information on pressure ulcers (often known as bed sores or pressure sores), how they develop, and how to prevent them. This leaflet is a guide and often your treatment will be more detailed. You may want to discuss this with your nurse.

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