Training and development opportunities

The Walton Centre offers a wide range of learning and development opportunities and promotes a culture that encourages lifelong learning for all staff. Our Training and Development Team co-ordinates an outstanding programme for both mandatory and non-mandatory training courses and an extensive range of clinical skills training. 

CPR training


Trust Corporate Induction 

Our Walton Centre induction provides a warm welcome to staff while completing their mandatory training. Length of induction varies dependent on role: clinical staff complete a three day induction, whilst non-clinical staff will attend a one or two day induction. All will complete additional e-learning training within their first month of commencement. The Training and Development Team will contact all new starters with details regarding their induction. As well as a Corporate Induction, all new starters must complete a Local Induction with their manager or nominated deputy. 

Mandatory training 

All staff are supported to complete their mandatory training through a combination of classroom based learning and e-learning. Study days are designed so staff get the best out of them and allows both clinical and non-clinical staff to gain experience and knowledge of basic life support training. 

Development opportunities 

The Walton Centre is committed to providing training and development to all staff and the Training and Development Team centrally manage the Trust study leave process. All staff are welcome to apply for relevant study leave opportunities. 

The Trust supports clinical Continued Professional Development (CPD) and works closely with local universities, in particular Liverpool John Moores and Chester. 

Leadership development is given a strong focus and staff have access to a range of opportunities, including internal coaching, appraisal training, 360 feedback, the NHS Leadership Academy Mary Seacole programme, as well as internal leadership development courses, including the manager training programme – Building Rapport, The Walton Way. 

All staff are encouraged to attend our non-mandatory training courses which includes various ad hoc courses such as building effective relationships, minute taking, time keeping and our newly designed human factors training.  

Clinical skills training 

At the Walton Centre we are proud of the first class clinical skills training we provide delivered by our highly trained staff, some of the sessions we offer are: 

  • ILS 
  • Management of a deteriorating patient  
  • Tracheostomy  
  • Venepuncture cannulation  
  • Catheterisation  
  • Simulation training  
  • Pressure ulcers  

Page last updated: 31 December 2021