Homecare medicines

What is a homecare medicines service?

This is a service which delivers ongoing medicines supplies and provides associated care directly to your home while you are under the care of a hospital consultant. The hospital will send your prescription to the homecare company who will arrange delivery to your home or another place of your choosing e.g. place of work.

It offers a convenient process of medicines supply, and allows patients to gain more control over their medicines. Deliveries are often scheduled around patient’s normal life allowing treatment in their own home, meaning you need to attend less frequent hospital clinics and pharmacy visits.

Who is suitable for the service?

The homecare service is usually indicated for patients who suffer from long term conditions which require treatment with specialist medicines. Your clinical team will discuss with you whether homecare is right for you. The management of your condition will remain the same, but your medicines will be provided through a homecare company rather than hospital pharmacy outpatient prescription.

What other information is available?

A welcome pack will be provided with your first delivery and will include useful information about the service and contact information for the homecare company. This is specific to each homecare company.

Who will provide my medicines and how will they be delivered?

The homecare company will receive a prescription from the hospital and arrange the first delivery.

Following each prescription, they will be responsible for requesting new prescriptions thereafter without the need for you to request them. Usually medicines will be delivered by a courier service either to your home or alternative delivery address. Specific delivery information for each company can be found in the service specific supplement. If you require training on how to use medical devices (e.g. injectables) this will be provided to you either before delivery by the specialist team or with your first delivery.

Usually the homecare company will call you prior to your delivery to check stock of your medicine and arrange a time frame in which to deliver. A signature will be required to receive the delivery.

What information will the homecare provider hold about me?

Information about how your personal details will be kept can be found in the privacy notice found on the Trust website. This will include basic patient information to allow us to enable the homecare service. Information that you provide will only be accessed by hospital staff or the homecare company.

What if I don’t want my medicines supplied via homecare?

It is your choice whether you would like to use the homecare service for your medicines or if you would like to opt out. This can be done at any time, and you will still have access to other treatment options.

What are my responsibilities?

Once you have decided to use the homecare service, you will need to ensure you are happy with what’s involved and sign an information record form. You will need to provide contact details that can be used by the homecare company to arrange deliveries. Your medicines will be ordered automatically by the homecare company, but if you have less than a month’s worth of treatment you should let them know to arrange a delivery sooner. It may be necessary to liaise with the homecare company if you need a change in delivery schedule e.g. if you are going on holiday.

You will be required to attend regular clinic appointments with the hospital team, which will incorporate follow up with your treatment/condition and blood tests if applicable. This is to ensure that you are on the most effective treatment and that it is safe to continue. If you are unable to meet these requirements, it may be that the homecare service is not right for you.

Who do I contact if I have a question about the service?

If you have a query or concern regarding prescriptions, deliveries or a complaint please contact your homecare company. If you have a query or concern regarding your condition or treatment (e.g. side-effects) please contact your clinical team on 0151 556 4008 (Mondays-Fridays between 9am-4pm) or your consultant’s secretary via switchboard on 0151 525 3611.

  • Last Updated:
    02 March 2023
  • Review Date:
    02 March 2025
  • Author:
    Elizabeth Akinsanya, Pharmacy
  • Summary:

    The homecare medicines service delivers ongoing medicines supplies and provides associated care directly to your home while you are under the care of a hospital consultant.

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