Ilioinguinal Nerve Block

What is Ilioinguinal nerve block?

This injection can be helpful in reducing pain in the groin area. The main reason for doing this block is to reduce pain. This pain reduction may be long lasting.

How the injection is performed?

The Ilioinguinal nerve block is performed as a day case procedure. This procedure will be discussed with you and a consent form signed by both you and a pain specialist. You will be seen on Jefferson Ward by one of the pain doctors before you have the injection. This injection is performed while you are awake. The injection is performed in a treatment room on the ward or in an operating theatre, while you are lying on your back. Your doctor will clean your groin area with antiseptic solution. After careful placement of needle under UltraSound Guidance, a local anaesthetic and steroid mixture will be injected into the groin area near the nerve. The steroid is not licensed for this use, but is commonly used and we have no reason to doubt that this is a safe use of this medicine (unlicensed medications are commonly used if there are no licensed medications available to treat a particular problem).

What happens after the injection?

Following the procedure you will return to the ward for a minimum of 1 hour. You will need someone to collect you following the procedure as you will not be allowed to leave the ward unaccompanied or drive yourself home following the procedure. Immediately following the procedure, you may feel a reduction of your pain. However, it may take seven to ten days for the steroid in the injection to begin to reduce the pain. Some patients may get no pain relief from this injection. After the first day, you can return to normal daily activities, but you should gradually build up to more strenuous activities.

Are there side effects?

There is a possibility of side effects with any medical procedure. Possible side effects from this injection are listed:

  • Pain at the injection site. This is usually temporary
  • Worsening of your original pain. This is very rare
  • Side effects of the steroid medications used may include fluid retention and weight gain. These steroid side effects are temporary
  • Steroids may affect periods in ladies for one or two cycles.

Who do I contact if I have any problems after the procedure?

Your first point of contact will be your own GP, or emergency GP. You can also contact the Walton Centre during normal working hours, on 0151 525 3611, and ask to speak to the secretary of the doctor who did the procedure.

If you require any additional information, then please discuss this with your consultant prior to starting the treatment.

  • Last Updated:
    01 October 2022
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    01 October 2024
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    Pain Clinic
  • Summary:

    This injection can be helpful in reducing pain in the groin area. The main reason for doing this block is to reduce pain.

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