Dr Adam Rhys Boardman

About Adam Rhys Boardman

Dr Adam Boardman is a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine at The Walton Centre with a special interest in spinal injury and traumatic brain injury.

Dr Boardman attended the University of Liverpool Medical School and graduated in 2012. After completing Core Medical Training, he trained in Rehabilitation Medicine in The Walton Centre. During training he worked in a variety of rehabilitation settings including hyperacute units in The Walton Centre and Salford Hospital, the North West Regional Spinal Injury Centre in Southport, and have worked closely with the Major Trauma team in Aintree and the Neurotrauma teams in The Walton Centre.

In his role managing individuals with spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury, he strives to improve patient care and streamline transition into a rehabilitation setting.


Rehabilitation Medicine


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Clinical/research interests

Spinal injury

Traumatic brain injury

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