COVID-19 Restrictions to remain in place at our hospital

We would like to remind you that the restrictions currently in place across the NHS will remain for the foreseeable future. This includes limitations on visiting patients, and infection control measures such as wearing face masks, temperature checks and maintaining social distancing when at our hospital.

Contact us

Main switchboard 

0151 525 3611 

If you have missed a call from the number 0151 556 3000 and try to return the call, you will hear an automated message reassuring you that you will be called back in due course. Don't worry - the Trust will call you back. Please do not try and call the hospital via another number. 

Clinical areas

Cairns Ward: 0151 529 5637 

Caton Ward: 0151 556 5628/5629 

Chavasse Ward: 0151 556 3897   

Dott Ward: 0151 529 5633/5634 

Jefferson Ward: 0151 556 3871

Sherrington Ward: 0151 529 5641 

Lipton Ward: 0151 556 3344/3383 

Horsley ITU: 0151 556 3462 

High Dependency Unit: 0151 556 3541 

CRU (complex rehab unit): 0151 556 3236/3233 

Pain Management Programme: 0151 556 3161 

Safeguarding Lead: 0151 556 3307 / 07929763709 

Cancelling your appointment 

If you are not able to keep your appointment, or require further details, please call us as soon as possible. Use the number on your appointment letter or call 0151 556 3213. 
If you have to cancel your appointment on the day, call the Outpatients department on 0151 529 5449. 

Making a comment or complaint 

If you'd like to make a comment or complaint, you can visit our Patient Experience Team page for further information. 

Medical Records 

0151 529 5562

Access to Health Records

You have the right to obtain a copy of the information the Trust holds about you. Call 0151 556 3425/3426 for more information. 

Freedom of Information requests 

To speak to the team about Freedom of Information requests, call 0151 556 3038. Useful information including a contact form can be found on our Freedom of Information section

Data Protection 

0151 556 3036. 

Fundraising Team 

0151 529 5612  
For more information about Fundraising for The Walton Centre Charity visit our dedicated charity website.  

Neuroscience Research Centre 

0151 529 5666

Communications and Marketing Team 

To make a media/news enquiry: 0151 556 3397 or 0151 556 4129. Useful information including a contact form can be found on our Communcations and Marketing section

Page last updated: 13 October 2021