COVID-19 Restrictions to remain in place at our hospital

We would like to remind you that the restrictions currently in place across the NHS will remain for the foreseeable future. This includes limitations on visiting patients, and infection control measures such as wearing face masks, temperature checks and maintaining social distancing when at our hospital.

Patient and Family Experience

Attending hospital can be a difficult and frightening experience. The Patient & Family Experience Team provides a confidential support and advice service to patients and their families, as well as helping to resolve enquiries and concerns quickly on their behalf. This can be prior to, during or after their visit to the Trust and they can be contacted in various ways including telephone, email or in person. We pride ourselves on working together with patients, families and carers to resolve complaints in a timely way; explaining our actions, learning and evidencing how services will be improved as a result. We recognise and respect that families are diverse and a family member is not always a blood relative of a patient. 

Nurse with infusion patient

Patient & Family Stories  

Every patient has a story and this is another way you can provide feedback. Your comments, both positive and negative, will be shared with our staff to ensure we learn from your experience. We can also share your story at our Trust Board or relevant committee meetings so the senior management team can hear your point of view.  If you would like to share your story contact our Patient & Family Experience Team.  


All compliments and positive comment are shared with staff involved. To pass on your comments or compliments about your experience, you can either write to the Chief Executive or Patient & Family Experience Team at the address below. 


Making a complaint 

If you wish to make a formal complaint, you can write directly to our Patient & Family Experience Team  

When writing please include: 

  • Your date of birth and address.  
  • Any concerns you may have, the dates and times that these occurred and the names of people or staff involved.  
  • Any questions to which you require answers. 

The team will review your concerns and take any necessary immediate action to help resolve your concerns as soon as we can. We will undertake a thorough, appropriate investigation and evaluate our findings and inform you of the outcome, in the way you have requested to be contacted. We will also inform you if we need to make any changes or improvements. 

Please be reassured that the Chief Executive reviews and responds to all complaints received and we promise that your care and treatment will not be affected in any way as a result of you raising a concern or making a complaint.   

Healthwatch also provide a free advocacy service to support you during the complaints process. For further information, please contact them on 03000 638000 or email at 


Other ways of providing feedback  

You can also leave a review about your care on the NHS Choices or Patient Opinion websites. We always endeavour to respond to these reviews as soon as possible. 

You can also get in touch with us on social media, through Facebook or Twitter. 

The team are available Monday- Friday 9.00 am – 4.00 pm and can be contacted by: 

Calling 0151 556 3091 / 3090 or 3093 

Emailing the Patient Experience Team at 

Writing to the Patient Experience Team at The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust, Lower Lane, Fazakerley, Liverpool, L9 7LJ 

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Page last updated: 21 September 2021