Make a difference and give something back to help patients supporting The Walton Centre

At The Walton Centre, our volunteers are an invaluable and important part of the Trust. We need reliable and enthusiastic people to join our experienced team of volunteers, to support our patients, families, and staff. Our volunteers are considered an integral part of our Patient Experience Team and volunteering is open to everyone over the age of 16, of any gender identity, culture, ethnicity and all levels of ability.

All volunteers are asked to commit to at least one four hour shift per week and attend on a regular weekly basis for a minimum period of six months. Please be aware that the recruitment process can take up to at least three months, but we will keep in touch throughout the process.


PMP volunteers

Benefits of volunteering

Volunteers play a crucial role in enhancing our patient and family experience at The Walton Centre, and our volunteers gain experience and personal satisfaction for undertaking their roles. As a thank you, we arrange a yearly get together to show our appreciation and recognition for your valued time. There are also Volunteer Awards, monthly nominations, and other incentives to celebrate your achievement as a volunteer.  

Induction, training and mentors

As well as an induction into volunteering with The Walton Centre, we ensure you receive the training you require before starting your voluntary role. We will also buddy you up with a mentor to ensure you have enough support until you feel ready to undertake your role.

Ongoing support

We provide ongoing support, whether that is through a volunteer buddy or the Volunteer Manager, who is available to provide advice and support.  


Volunteers can claim up to a maximum of £5.50 per shift. This includes mileage for petrol, parking tickets, train tickets and bus tickets. Volunteers are also given a drink/meal voucher if they give more than four hours per shift.

Your safety

This is most important to us and we are committed to protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of all our volunteers. We undertake a risk assessment for all our volunteers before they start, to ensure the environment you will be placed into is suitable for you.

Security checks

You will need two references and a DBS check will be carried out free of charge. You will be given an Occupational Health Questionnaire after your interview and will liaise with the Human Resources Team. Occupational Health will require you to take a copy of your up-to-date immunisations.

The recruitment process for volunteers 

Volunteer roles 

Meet and greet service 

Volunteers welcome patients and visitors to the hospital, help them with directions and any further information they may need.


Volunteers support the patient’s experience on the ward one a one-to-one basis, providing company and helping reduce anxiety.

Trolley service

The trolley provides a range of confectionaries and toiletries to all departments on a daily basis and is extremely popular with both staff and patients.

Mobile library service

This is a new service providing patients with an opportunity to take a book or magazine, puzzle book, which they do not have to return, that they can read to help aid their recovery.

Outpatient service

Volunteers ask patients to fill in surveys to help us gather information about patient and visitor experience and provide support in the department where required.

Infection control

Volunteers ask visitors to sanitise their hands before entering the wards to help prevent the spread of infection.

Radiology support

Volunteers support the team by collating feedback from patients and families to enhance their experience.

Reading Buddy

Our trained reading volunteers provide a one-to-one reading service to our patients, and we aim to expand this service to reading groups for patient to read, enjoy and share views on poems and literature.

Visiting service

This service can be requested or accessed by any patients wishing to receive a visit and we aim to match patients/volunteers with similar interests and ages.

Pet therapy

Our volunteer therapy dog provides pet therapy on a weekly basis bringing smiles to all those that he meets.  

To find out more

Louise Minton

Volunteer Manager


0151 556 3750 

Page last updated: 19 July 2023