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The first Pain Management Programme (PMP) in the UK was developed at The Walton Centre in 1983. Since then, we have continued to develop our service and remain at the forefront of pain management treatment. The Walton Centre offers a variety of pain management programmes tailored to individual needs. The programmes we offer are group-based rehabilitation treatments that enable an understanding of chronic pain and its wider impact on life. We offer support and guidance to help people with chronic pain manage pain more effectively, and in doing so, help improve their overall quality of life.

We run a five-day and a 16-day programme as well as an online programme which runs for three half days per week for a six-week period. We also run specialised programmes for chronic pelvic pain, facial pain, and young adults with chronic pain conditions. Additionally, we have several options to help people with pain management advice who may be unable to attend a group programme.

The Walton Centre also offers a specialist fibromyalgia/chronic widespread pain assessment service, that links with rheumatology as well as specialist pelvic pain and endometriosis clinics, run together with gynecology services.

The Walton Centre also runs a Pain Transition Service, together with Alder Hey Hospital’s Pain and Rheumatology Services, to help support our younger patients who are moving into adult care and ensure they have access and information about the support options available. 


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Ensuring the time is right for any individual to attend a pain management programme involves consideration of a range of factors.

This complexity is evidenced by the comprehensive nature of our assessment clinics. For example, it is desirable for individuals who wish to come on a PMP to have a range of clearly defined goals and aims in terms of what they would like to achieve or change in their life. Similarly, individuals who have some forms of mental health difficulties may be unsuited to the programme. In these cases, it may be helpful to receive support for these difficulties first.

However, it is not always the case that a lack of clearly defined aims and goals, or an existing mental health difficulty, represent a good reason not to come on the Pain Management Programme. We would not expect referrers to make their own judgements on these issues. If you or the potential patient are unsure, it is usually best to refer to the programme and our experienced multidisciplinary team will help decide.

Finally, some people who attend our assessment clinic also have concerns around engaging in group work and this is something we are happy to discuss, and problem solve with individuals to try to best meet their needs.


Referrals can be sent to: 

PMP Department

1st Floor

Sid Watkins Building

The Walton Centre

Lower Lane


L9 7BB

Patient leaflets

Chronic Pain Transition into adult services

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Botulinum Toxin for Peripheral Neuropathic Pain

Botulinum toxin Type A can relief peripheral neuropathic pain.

Ways To Cope With Reducing Opioid Medication

You have been given this leaflet because your clinician has recommended that you reduce or even stop your current opioid prescription. This leaflet aims to support and provide you with more information about managing a reduction and acknowledges some of the difficulties that you may experience. ‘Opioids’ refer to all medications that contain morphine or codeine derived from the poppy plant or synthetic types of medication that work in a similar way such as, dihydrocodeine, oxycodone or fentanyl. 

Pain Management Programme Consultants

Dr Manohar Sharma

Dr Manohar Sharma is a Consultant in Pain Medicine and Neuromodulation. 

Dr Manish Gupta

Dr Manish Gupta is a Consultant Anaesthetist with a special interest in Pain Medicine.

Dr Sumit Gulati

Dr Sumit Gulati is a Consultant in Pain Medicine at The Walton Centre.

Dr John Wiles

Dr John Wiles specialises in pain medicine from an anaesthetic background.

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