The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust works to provide the best outcomes for neuroscience patients both nationally and internationally. To achieve this, The Walton Centre puts innovation at the centre of its strategy and works to support the development of new treatments and approaches in neuroscience.

Innovation activities in the Trust are diverse and include the co-development of new technologies with partners, the commercialisation of data (with appropriate governance controls) and the development of business cases to purchase cutting-edge equipment using NHS and charitable funding. Innovation initiatives are supported if they are compatible with The Walton Centre’s values.

Innovation activities are developed in collaboration with the Trust’s Research, Education, Procurement, IT, Information Governance, Finance and other teams.

We also partner with external organisations to deliver our innovation agenda. These partners include other specialist Trusts and the wider NHS, universities, companies and other organisations (including Liverpool Health Partners and the Innovation Agency).

Please contact us if you would like to innovate with us: 

Page last updated: 19 July 2023