COVID-19 Restrictions to remain in place at our hospital

We would like to remind you that the restrictions currently in place across the NHS will remain for the foreseeable future. This includes limitations on visiting patients, and infection control measures such as wearing face masks, temperature checks and maintaining social distancing when at our hospital.

Dr John Wiles

About John Wiles

Dr John Wiles specialises in pain medicine from an anaesthetic background. He is a former Clinical Director of The Walton Centre Pain Service from 1994 to 2011. He set up and chairs the Pain Relief Foundation Education Committee, for which he was awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the Pain Relief Foundation. 


Pain medicine 



Clinical/research interests

Pain management programmes 

Membership of professional regional and national bodies

Fellow in the Faculty of Pain Medicine of the Royal College of Anaesthetists 

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Pain Management Programme

The Walton Centre offers a variety of pain management programmes tailored to individual needs

Pain Medicine

Everyone has experienced pain, we associate it with damage to our body, expect it to get better once healing has occurred. 

Page last updated: 21 July 2021