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The Walton Centre has two of the most advanced CT scanners in the world.


What is a CT scan?

A CT scanner uses X-rays to look inside the body. You do not feel the scan happening.



Safety – please read

  • If you are, or may be, pregnant you must tell us.


Will I need an injection?

It depends upon what question you doctor is asking. Some people shouldn’t have an injection, if you:

  •        Have kidney problems
  •        Are diabetic
  •        Have had a reaction to dye before

If you have any of these please let us know.


What is the injection?

X-ray dye contains iodine, which shows up on X-ray based tests. We use Iomeron 350. You will be asked to stay here for 25 minutes after your scan.

How is it given?

For some scans a cannula will need to be inserted to allow a very fast dye injection from a special pump during the scan. For others a small needle will be placed and a syringe of dye given before the scan.


What will I feel?

  •        When the dye goes in you may feel a hot ‘flush’ sensation – this is normal.
  •        You may feel that you have ‘wet’ yourself – you haven’t.


Are there complications?

  •        In rare instances people can have an allergic reaction to the dye.
  •        If you have damaged kidneys it can make them worse.


How long will the test take?

Typically you will be on the scanner for 15 to 20 minutes, though the scan takes only a few minutes.


How do I get my results?

The doctor who ordered the test for you will receive the results. This can take up to 14 days.

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