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Integrated Neurology Nurse Service (INNS)

The Integrated Neurology Nurse Service (INNS) was created to bring care closer to patients in their own communties, so patients don't have to make long journeys for regular appointments. Patients with long-term neurological conditions told us they didn't want to travel if they could be cared for in a clinic closer to home, or even in their own home. The Walton Centre created a team of nurses which strives to complement and enhance the services already available locally.



Who is the service for?

  • Patients under the care of a Walton Centre Consultant
  • Patients with the following conditions are eligible for the service
    • Motor neurone disease
    • Multiple sclerosis
    • Parkinson's disease
    • Epilepsy


What can the Integrated Neurology Nurse Service do?

  • Provide community clinics
  • Provide advice and support in terms of treatment and management of long-term conditions
  • Arrange visits for those that are physically unable to attend clinic
  • Provide support and education to other allied healthcare professionals
  • Be a visible representative of The Walton Centre in their individual communities and attend multidisciplinary team meetings
  • Offer prompt referrals between various disciplines in both primary and secondary care
  • Signpost to other services
  • Provide a telephone advice line
  • Strive to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions and be responsive to patient needs
  • Educate and support patients with self-management aspects of their condition


What the Integrated Neurology Nurse Service does not do:

  • Case manage individual cases
  • Fill in benefit/housing forms
  • Replace the highly specialist nurse specialist teams based at The Walton Centre. The aim is to support the services and help to give the best possible outcome for all patients


Referral information

Any clinical staff member from The Walton Centre can refer to the Integrated Neurology Nurse Service

Patients can self-refer, as can their GP or any other allied health professional involved in their care. This must be done by sending a letter to:

INNS Office, 1st Floor Sid Watkins Building, The Walton Centre L9 7BB

Patient leaflets

Integrated Neurology Nurse Specialists

The Walton Centre works with partners, patients, carers and the wider NHS as part of a collaboration called the Neuro Network. Through this partnership, we have created a new type of specialist neurology nurse called Integrated Neurology Nurse Specialists (INNS).

Page last updated: 09 June 2021