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Patients are often referred to neuropsychology because they are experiencing cognitive (memory, language or concentration) difficulties and have a neurological condition. In addition, we also see a number of patients with cognitive difficulties that do not have a diagnosis. 

Some patients are referred with functional symptoms and present with motor and sensory symptoms or ‘funny turns’ that cannot be explained medically. 

Our role is to conduct a thorough psychological and/or cognitive assessment with the patient. We will initially invite patients for a consultation to gain more information about their difficulties and, if appropriate, ask them to attend further appointments to complete a neuropsychological assessment and tests. This information is used to identify areas of cognitive strengths and if there are weaknesses, we may be able to help with some strategies for managing those. In addition, the results will contribute to your neurologist’s understanding of your condition. 

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Sid Watkins Building

Sid Watkins Building

This building hosts our Complex Rehabilitation Unit, some outpatients services, pain management services, corporate services and more.


Lower Lane,Liverpool, L9 7BB

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Referral information

External referrals for the functional neurological disorders (FND) service are accepted only via neurology. 

Internal referrals for cognitive and/or psychological assessment (not FND related) to the Neuropsychology Department 

Patient leaflets

Motor Neurone Disease - Neuropsychology

Are you interested in being referred to neuropsychology?

Neuropsychological assessment

A neuropsychological assessment provides an insight into the skills that we use on a day to day basis

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