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The Walton Centre Therapy Service provides a range of specialist care for patients recovering from complex neurological injuries and illnesses, complex trauma and pain related conditions. The service also provides outpatient support for patients living with both newly diagnosed and longer-term neurological conditions.

Working alongside dedicated medical and nursing staff, we provide a range of specialist therapies to help patients in their recovery and rehabilitation. These therapies include inpatient physiotherapy and occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, nutrition and dietetics.

Inpatient teams

The inpatient teams cover all wards and critical care and will accept referrals for any patients who require assessment and treatment to optimise their physical function and mobility, their speech function and their nutrition. We aim to ensure patients receive appropriate, individual treatment to aid in their recovery and to support a safe and effective discharge home or transfer of care.


Inpatient teams are divided into the following services:

  • Acute inpatients
  • Critical care/Outreach respiratory
  • Trauma therapy
  • Rehabilitation


Specialist outpatient teams support the following services:


  • Neurological Long Term Conditions Team
  • Physiotherapy Botulinum Toxin Service
  • Pain Management Programme (PMP)
  • Pain and neuromodulation


We will provide the highest quality of therapeutic care within our resources in a manner which respects the dignity and individual rights of the patient. We will use and evaluate current research and evidence whilst monitoring and assessing our own interventions to ensure a high standard of appropriate, up-to-date and effective care. We are committed to lifelong learning and development of staff and students and we actively encourage participation in clinical research and take an innovative approach to delivering clinical care.

Getting here

The Walton Centre - Main Hospital Building

The Walton Centre Main Building

This building hosts many of our in-patient services, including wards and theatres, and some outpatients services.


Lower Lane, Liverpool, L9 7LJ

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Patient leaflets


Aphasia (or dysphasia) is the general term used to describe a difficulty with comprehension or expression of language


Dysarthria is a speech difficulty leading to weakness or difficulty moving the muscles used for speech. 

Dysphagia in myasthenia gravis

Dysphagia can occur in myasthenia gravis due to weakness in the muscles in your mouth and throat that you use to swallow. This means that these muscles don’t work effectively.

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