Virtual Membership Event - MR Guided Focused Ultrasound (MRGFUS)

Date: 22 November 2023

Emma Denby

The virtual Membership events will introduce you to some our services and will give you an opportunity to meet and ask any questions you may have to the people who are responsible for ensuring we continue to deliver an outstanding patient journey.

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MR Guided Focused Ultrasound (MRGFUS)

22 November 2023

1.30 - 2.30pm

Emma Denby, Acting Divisional Operations Director and Nicky Smith, Service Manager, Neurosurgery

  • What is MRGFUS?
  • What are the patients who can access
  • How many procedures have been completed so far
  • Results and benefits
  • Summary:

    Focused Ultrasound is a groundbreaking treatment for patients with Essential Tremor. Here we explore what patients can access this service and the results and benefits of this service.