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Multiple Sclerosis - Specialist Nurse Service

The role of the MS Nurse involves offering support, advice, information, education and help to those who are affected by MS

Services offered by MS Nurses within The Walton Centre catchment area

The service is available to anyone with a confirmed diagnosis of MS. You can either self refer or ask your GP or consultant neurologist to refer you.

Services provided

  • Newly diagnosed course - this course gives an introduction to MS, has guest speakers discussing various aspects of living with MS
  • Nurse clinics - problem solving, assessment, lifestyle advice and support
  • Present at consultant and multidisciplinary clinics - Walton Centre (1x weekly), Symptom management
  • Initiation and monitoring of Disease Modifying Treatments - where appropriate
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Telephone advice line
  • Referral to other disciplines/agencies
  • Education to health professionals - study days around the region for professionals with an interest in MS

When should I contact the MS Nurse?

  • If you have a question about your MS or treatment options
  • If you are concerned by any symptoms you are experiencing
  • If you are finding it difficult to cope with any aspect of your MS
  • If you need advice about medication
  • If you want any information about MS.


MS Nurse Advice Line

Contact: 0151 556 4008 (between the hours of 09:00-16:00 Mon-Fri)

If you wish to speak to an MS Nurse please call the MS Nurse Advice line to arrange a telephone appointment. This may not be for the same day due to clinic commitments. Please note this is not an emergency contact line.

Please remember:

The MS nurses are available for information and support. If you have an urgent problem or emergency you should see your GP or NHS direct


Contact Number:

Walton Centre Based Nurses

Carolyn Cairns (MS Nurse Specialist)

Helen Leggett (MS Nurse Specialist)

Kate O’Hanlon (MS Nurse Specialist)

Jenni Preston (Nurse Specialist in MS & Movement Disorders)

North Wales Nurse Yvonne Copeland (MS Nurse Specialist)

New Number

0151 556 4008

Between the hours of 09:00-16:00 Mon-Fri



  • Last Updated:
    01 April 2020
  • Review Date:
    01 April 2024
  • Author:
    CC, HL, YC
  • Summary:

    The role of the MS Nurse involves offering support, advice, information, education and help to those who are affected by MS

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