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Neuro Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist Team

Being diagnosed with a brain or spinal tumour can be a very frightening experience for you and your family. There may be many questions that you wish to ask about your illness and the treatments you may need.

The Clinical Nurse Specialist team are available to provide verbal and written information, support you through your operation and diagnosis and help to coordinate your care. You will meet a member of the nurse specialist team either at a clinic appointment or on the wards. This person will be your key
worker throughout your treatment and follow up at The Walton Centre. You may occasionally speak with another member of the team other than your named key worker.

We are part of the multidisciplinary team providing your care during your admission. This team consists of a Neuro-surgeon, a Neuro-Oncologist, Neuro Radiologist and other health care professionals that you may meet during your diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care.

Our role involves:

  • Meeting you and your family/carers pre and post-surgery, providing you with an opportunity to discuss the information that has been given to you by your doctor
  • Providing you with written information and contact details
  • Providing nursing advice regarding any symptoms you have during your surgery and treatment
  • Carrying out individualised care assessments, develop personalised care plans and liaise with community health care teams regarding your care
  • Providing a link with other health care professionals and facilitate referrals to these if required during your care including;
    • Benefits advice and social service referrals
    • Epilepsy Specialist Nurse
    • Occupational, Physio and Speech and Language therapists
    • Counselling services and Patient Experience Team
  • Providing emotional and psychological support to both you and your family during diagnosis
  • Running information courses to help you and your family cope with your illness
  • Running nurse advice clinics and a telephone helpline service which are accessible to all patients to discuss any problems you may have
  • Liaise with community teams regarding your care such as GP, therapists, District Nurse and palliative care services.

We can be contacted via telephone, via switch board or via email. We may not always be available to return your call immediately but we will always endeavour to return your call within one working day.

Generally ward staff will refer you to the clinical nurse specialist team whilst in hospital however you can self-refer if you wish. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any point throughout and after your treatment.

The Neuro Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist Team are available Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm.

Contact details:

  • Telephone 0151 556 3778 or contact via bleep by dialling 0151 525 3611 ask for bleep 5391
  • Email:
  • Out of hours and weekends please contact the nurse in charge of the hospital on 0151 525 3611 bleep 4556 or Cairns Ward on 0151 529 5638
  • Last Updated:
    01 June 2022
  • Review Date:
    01 June 2025
  • Author:
    Anna Crofton, Nurse Specialist
  • Summary:

    The Clinical Nurse Specialist team are available to provide verbal and written information, support you through your operation and diagnosis and help to coordinate your care.

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