Welcome to The Walton Centre Headache Chatbot

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The Walton Centre is currently in the process of developing a chatbot to provide specialist advice to patient suffering for headache symptoms.

Patients being referred to a neurology headache specialist will be invited to engage with the chatbot to collect details of their condition and the symptoms through a structured set of questions in addition to that provided in their GP referral letter. This will be used to compile a detailed medical history which clinicians can review before the first appointment with the patient and recommend a course of action if appropriate.

Depending on the clinician’s assessment, patients may be put on a fast-track to be examined by a consultant or offered guidance on alleviating symptoms while they await their referral appointment.

Please note that by completing the chatbot questionnaire, you are consenting for your information and data to be processed under GDPR Article 4(11).

If you have any difficulty using the chatbot, please contact the Innovation Team on 0151 556 3570.


Hello. I'm The Walton Centre Headache Chatbot - a chat system trained by the specialist doctors at the Walton Centre. I will ask you some questions to help the doctor to understand your symptoms.
Please understand that you are not speaking to a human.
I will ask you some questions to help the doctor to understand your symptoms.
I'd like to assure you that the details you share will remain confidential.

To help me identify you, please share the Unique Reference Number mentioned in the letter/ email sent to you.
Please wait your request is processing..!!

Page last updated: 02 August 2023