It is Greener AHP Week!

Date: 21 April 2024

Greener AHP week

Greener Allied Health Professional awareness week is between Monday 22 April and Friday 26 April. Greener AHP week is a chance to raise awareness of how the Trust is becoming more sustainable and how we are committing to NHS net zero.

At the Trust we have been making a conscious effort to be more sustainable as a team. An example of this is our AHPs encouraging patients to return their walking aids that they are no longer using. This has led to us reducing waste and also reducing purchasing costs for the Trust.

Our AHPs have also been involved in things such as our feed bottles recycling project. Denise O’Dwyer, an Advanced Dietician at The Walton Centre said: “This was a project that was identified by the dietetic team at The Walton Centre through patient feedback when a patient highlighted concerns about how much plastic waste was generated when patients were reliant on Enteral feeding (single use syringes, multiple feed bottles daily, sterile water bottles, giving sets).

“It was something I was passionate to take forward with the aim to minimise plastic waste in this patient group. We have recently changed our patient feed bottles (2,220 per annum) from going in clinical waste to mixed plastics recycling."

This project was piloted on Horsley ICU, Denise said "Bottles were previously discarded into clinical waste, but by simply washing them out, they could be put into mixed plastics recycling. Across the Trust, this will save us 60kgCo2E which is the equivalent of driving from The Walton Centre to Portsmouth in a family car."

“The project was supported by the Facilities and Sustainability teams to help implement it on ICU. It’s a project that required a collaborative approach with the MDT to ensure its success. An aspiration going forward would be to implement this across all clinical areas within the trust and to consider recycling of nutritional supplement bottles.”

You can find out more about how The Walton Centre is becoming more sustainable this Greener AHP week here

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    Greener AHP Week!