Consultant Advice Line

What is the service?

The neurology Consultant Advice Line (CAL) is a telephone ‘advice and guidance’ service provided by The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust. The line has been expanded as part of the Neuro Network. The Neuro Network is a collaboration of NHS partners, carer and patient groups working together to improve neurology services.

  • The aim is to offer advice and guidance on any neurological queries including:
  • Diagnosis of patients presenting with new neurological symptoms.
  • Advice on whether a referral to outpatients or urgent local admission is required (and if so on the most appropriate location), or whether the patient can be managed within primary care with advice only.
  • Advice on management of patients with a known long term neurological condition (eg epilepsy, MS) who are experiencing a recent change in their condition.

Who is the service for?

The Consultant Advice Line service is to support GPs in their practice and help guide and support them when considering whether to refer patients to The Walton Centre for further neurology investigation or treatment.

What is the criteria to use the service?

The service is primarily for all GPs in the Cheshire and Merseyside catchment area.

What happens when you call the service?

The advice line is for GPs only and is available Monday-Friday between 11.30am and 1.30pm. Upon calling, GPs will speak directly to a consultant neurologist.

What the Consultant Advice Line does not do:

  • Advise on any other area of medicine other than neurology
  • Provide emergency advice
  • Diagnose patients

Contact the Consultant Advice Line

Tel: 07860 481429

Page last updated: 02 September 2021