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Patient Information Leaflets

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Leaflets can be translated on-demand by pressing the 'Accessibility' button at the top of this page, and then choose 'Translate this page'. Alternatively you can request leaflets in another language or format by contacting our Patient and Family Experience Team.

  • Dopamine agonist drugs

    This leaflet concerns a category of drugs used to treat Parkinson's disease (PD) and sometimes Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS).


  • Dorsal root ganglion block

    The dorsal root ganglion is nerve root which exits your spinal cord. It is located in a small area in your spine.

  • Dural Arteriovenous Fistula Of The Brain (DAVF)


    • It is one or more abnormal connections from an artery supplying the dura of the brain to a vein or venous sinus draining it. The abnormal connection (s) is/are called fistula.
  • Dynamic CT Myelograms

    This is a specialist procedure to look at the spine. It is used in patients suspected of having a spinal fluid leak and to help identify its location

  • Dysarthria

    Dysarthria is a speech difficulty leading to weakness or difficulty moving the muscles used for speech. 

  • Dysphagia

    Dysphagia is a difficulty with swallowing. It can be caused by a number of conditions that affect the nerves and muscles in the throat.

  • Dysphagia in myasthenia gravis

    Dysphagia can occur in myasthenia gravis due to weakness in the muscles in your mouth and throat that you use to swallow. This means that these muscles don’t work effectively.

  • Eating Well During Your Hospital Stay

    Making sure that you are eating enough and following a balanced diet is an important part of your hospital stay and can help to minimise tiredness, reduce risk of infection and reduce the length of your hospital stay.

  • Elective Endovascular Occlusion of Brain Aneurysm

    A brain aneurysm is a fault or weakness in the wall of one of the blood vessels supplying blood to the brain.

  • Electroencephalograph (EEG) - Activation Clinic

    EEG stands for Electroencephalogram. This is a well established and painless test which will record the electrical activity of the brain. 

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