Pathways and downloads for health professionals

Pathway information and patient leaflets for medical professionals.

Access the acute headache pathway for A&E and acute medical units here. (PDF FUNCTIONS WITH INTERNET EXPOLRER OR MOZILLA FIREFOX BROWSERS ONLY). Alternative Word Version if PDF fails to work.

Access the seizure pathway for A&E and acute medical units here.

Access a poster for A&E and MAU departments regarding the seizure pathway here.

Access The Walton Centre ACUTE STATUS EPILEPTICUS guideline here.

Access the headache pathway (primary care) for GPs here.

Access information for patients after seizures here.

Access information for patients with primary headache disorders here.

Access our comprehensive guide to migraine here.

Access the thrombectomy in acute stroke - regional pathway and guidelines for referral here.

Access the guidance on inpatient referral requests to visiting neurologists in DGHs here.

Access management and prophylaxis of eclamptic seizures here.


 Back pain help - information resource for health professionals 

The following downloads where previously on