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The Walton Centre is committed to the development of our existing and future workforce and apprenticeships are a fantastic way to invest in our staff. Apprenticeships can be undertaken either by newly recruited staff who will work in an apprentice role until qualified, or by existing staff. An apprenticeship must be a minimum of one year duration. Minimum durations are based on apprentices working 30 hour weeks on average. There is no upper age limit for completion of an apprenticeship, however, the minimum age is 16. 

Examples of apprenticeships which can be completed include business administration, healthcare support worker, nurse associate and senior leader degree apprenticeship. 


Existing staff 

Staff already employed by The Walton Centre are able to develop their knowledge and skills by completing an apprenticeship which is relevant to their role. Staff will stay in the same role for the duration and on completion of the apprenticeship. 


Newly recruited staff 

Roles may be created which are specifically for apprentices. Apprentices recruited into roles will train for their new job and complete a qualification relevant to their role. Newly recruited apprentices’ salary will be paid in line with the NHS T&Cs, Annex 21: Arrangements for pay and banding of trainees. Apprenticeship roles will be advertised on NHS Jobs. 


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Page last updated: 03 July 2023